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Mar 24, 2011 2:00am EDT
's going on out there. after the fourth trip by seth lives, you are really not helping me at all by saying that. and so, yeah, it was surprising, but i guess i shouldn't have been surprised on the other hand. >> judge walker, how much of a distraction is it for you to be involved in logistics of this? or do you get the logistics to someone else and you try to say apart from that? how do you handle that? is it different now digitally than it was a few years ago? >> taking the first question, what i have found the most helpful was trying to delegate as much as possible to other people in the court administration. unfortunately, i'm blessed with some extremely able individuals who are able to do much of the work in new interface with the media. and did all of the things i think that we've described today. so i did not have any unusual degree of administrative burden when conduct in the proposition 8 case or an another high-profile case that preceded it, although obviously in a quite different schedule and that is the cases above above international security aviation wiretapping services. but
Mar 18, 2011 2:00am EDT
seconds left? >> the gentleman has 19 seconds left. >> do you want 19 seth -- seconds jeff? >> i would like to just for the record talk about their rig count real quickly, the rigs that are out there that are claiming in the gulf of mexico, those rigs may not be drilling. is that correct? so it doesn't do us any good to to -- drilling. >> correct. rigs could certainly be there not drilling. i can speak to the longer-term issue of how fast it could recover. >> the time of the gentleman has expired and there is a desire for second round so i will certainly recognize the gentleman. the gentleman from utah's time has expired. there is a desire for second round. i have one question of mr. holt and then finish up with mr. landry. dr. foss, there have been records that have been -- between that price differential of the world crude in the west texas and the suggestion is because this has been the rise or the impact of north dakota. and i understand that new production probably would have an impact on the world prices but is this difference in price an indication that more domestic production
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2